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Your Questions Answered.

How do I become a member of The Skill Market?
It's easy! You must first list your business in The Skill Market Directory. All listings are free. If you don't have a business as yet, and looking to start one using the many resources of The Skill Market, go to the Membership page and choose a membership. Once that is done, respond to your Membership email and you and your consultant will start creating your business. It's that simple.
Why should I get a subdomain of The Skill Market?
Having your web address as a sub-domain of The Skill Market immediately gives your site recognition and easily found in searches, since The Skill Market is already well placed. It also means you do not have the cost of buying a domain and paying yearly foees for it.
How much does a sub-domain cost?
For members of The Skill Market, a sub-domain is free. Members pay $20. per year for site security. If you want a professional email (, this can be purchased for $5.00 per year for unlimited space.
An Introduction to the Learning Management System
The Skill Market Learning Management System is a multi-functional learning environment. Anyone can benefit from it. Small business owners can use it to make information and training easily accessible for their company and workers. This saves time and allows employees to access it at any time.
Coaches can create and make their business related courses available on the system, so others can access these fee-based courses readily. Anyone can learn on the platform.
Does Membership come with benefits?
Of course! For those tools or services not purchased with $SSE, member always get a percentage discount on our low listed prices. Put Member specials are offered all the time.
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