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The Skill Market's Jobs & Skills Board is a different kind of Jobs board. It's not relegated only for employers posting job opportunities and individuals searching for those opportunities, it extends beyond that. Consumers can post small gigs like fence painting or other handyman type jobs. Skill workers can post their skills and their availability to complete these skills. The goal is to make it a board that works for all needs.

It's a Board for everyone.
Job opportunities can be posted from two main categories:

  1. Business
  2. Consumers
Businesses can post the opportunities available at their companies, while consumers can post their short term gigs. Registration is required. Postings are free of all charges.

Whatever skill you have, here is the place to list it. Baking, cooking, sewing, writing, whatever it is, you can create a listing of your skill, so the consumer who needs it can find you.

Registration is required to post. Posting is free of all charges.

Whether you are looking for an employee, contract worker, handyman, someone to braid your hair, The Skill Market Jobs& Skills Board can be your source.

To respond to listings on the Board and view contact information, registration is required. There are no charges to search or respond.
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