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Shop The Market is the marketplace for small businesses who can be found in the business directory. The Marketplace includes all kinds of products, services and digital goods. Vendors can 'test the waters' by adding a single product or service to a category, or go a step further and open their own speciality or general store.

It's easy to create a free vendor account at Shop The Market. Once your account is created, you can sell your products and/or services, or open your store.
If you have just one product or maybe just a few products and you are not ready to have your own store, then add your product to the market in your chosen category. Consumers can easily buy your products, at their convenience, 24/7/365. You set your product price and shipping charges. A customers buys your product, you are notified. You ship. You get paid.

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Shop The Market is a great place to sell your services. From physical services to digital services, there is a place for you at The SKill Market. If you sell an array of digital products, you can open your digital store in the marketplace.

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Even if you have your own website, you can dad an additional market for your products and services.

Your store will have its own logo, banner, colors, and what ever else you need to extend your brand. Manage your store and your customers from your intuitive store admin panel.

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