Learning Management System

The Skill Market LMS for Employers, Employees, Coaches, Business Owners and Enthusiats. Teach. Learn. Grow.

Teach. Learn. Coach. Grow.

Knowledge in Business is Important.

Knowledge, learning and the sharing of both is important, if not vital, often critical when doing business. The Skill Market's Learning Management System houses a variety of learning resources for small business owners from managing their business to Social Media Marketing.

Learning may come in the form of live classes, interactive eLearning courses, documents and eBooks.

eLearning Courses are arranged and housed in the categories. Thease categories include business, marketing, sales, communication, presentations, customer experience, and wellness.

Courses are on demand and are availbale to a user for up to 6 months. A Certificate of Completion can be printed at the end of a course.

Members businesses can get an on-boarding course built for new hires and use the Customer Experience and Customer Services courses as training for their employees.

They can keep track of all courses and the employees who started and completed each course.

Coaches are welcome to place their courses in The Skill Market's LMS and make them available to anyone, even if their end users are not part of The Skill Market network.

Coaches are free to monetize their courses on The Skill Market's LMS.
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